Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Playlist for 4-25-2006 / Bossed Eggs

Junglebook Spins
April 25th, 2006
4 to 7 PM PST

DAVID BOWIE & FRANK BLACK / Scary Monsters (live)

FEAR / New York’s Alright (if you like Saxophones)

TALKING HEADS / Puzzlin’ Evidence

SUGARCUBES / Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow

FAITH NO MORE / Be Aggressive

CIBO MATTO / Marijuana

FLAMING LIPS / The Spiderbite Song

DEBBIE DEB / When I Hear Music

SMOOSH / La Pump

NOFX / Build Me Up Buttercup



BRIAN ENO / King’s Led Hat

CHICKS ON SPEED / For All the Boys in the World

CIRCLE JERKS / Stars and Stripes

MISSION U.K. / Wasteland


LIAM LYNCH / My United States of Whatever

XTC / Love At First Sight

IMA ROBOT / Dirty Life

KING MISSILE / Let’s Have Sex

BONNIE HAYES / Chance On You

CHEAP TRICK / Waiting for the Man/Heroin

DEPECHE MODE / Master and Servant

RICH KIDS ON LSD / Motherfucker

CLASH / Radio Clash

BLONDIE / Will Anything Happen?


THE RAINCOATS / Cruel to be Kind

SONIC YOUTH / Bull in the Heather

MARTIN GORE / Personal Jesus (acoustic demo)

ADAM AND THE ANTS / Hello, I Love You


AVENUE D / Donkey Punch


BAD RELIGION / Tainted Love

TSOL / Fuck You Tough Guy

CRANES / Loved

THE BLED / Dale Earnhardt’s Seatbelt

DEVO / Girl U Want

SKINNY PUPPY / Fascist Jock Itch

UK SUBS / Fascist Regime


AGENT ORANGE / Secret Agent Man

FUZZTONES / Green Slime

BLUR / Bang!

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS / What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?

THE GRANNIES / Homo Moment

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Playlist for 4-18-06 Post-Docs

Junglebook Spins!
..April 18th, 2006..
.4 to 7 pm, Pacific.

Ween / ‘Riders on the Storm’ {live}

The Kinks / ‘Sunny Afternoon’

Velvet Underground / ‘Perfect Day’

Blitz / ‘Vicious’

Day-Glo Abortions / ‘Drugged and Driving’

Clit 45 / ‘Cracked Actor’

The Godz / ‘Gotta Keep A-Runnin’

Public Iimage Ltd. / ‘Four Encosed Walls’

Talking Heads / ‘Hey Now’ {kids’ mix}

Bryan Ferry / ‘Jeaous Guy’

Poop Yer Pants / ‘Boomers on a Hot Tuesday’

Laibach / ‘One After 909’

Lords of the New Church / ‘Russian Roulette’

Avenue D / ‘You Love This Ass’

Cramps / ‘The Way I Walk’

William Shatner / ‘The Real Slim Shady’ {excerpt}

X / ‘Johnny Hit and Run Paulene’

(...Fascist update: Sean on jobs, Savage Weiner on LaCrosse Rape case...)

Sleater-Kinney w The Butchies and the Gossip / ‘Fortunate Son’ {live}

The Cranes / ‘Loved’

Iggy Pop / ‘Lust For Life’

Alien Sex Fiend / ‘Gothic Erotica’

Soft Cell / ‘Sex Dwarf’

Gang of Four / ‘Anthrax’

Martin Gore / ‘Down in the Boondocks’

Thomas Dolby / ‘Dissidents’

Thompson Twins / ‘Revolution’

TSOL / ‘Flower By the Door’

David Johansen / ‘Funky But Chic’

Pretenders / ‘Mysery Achievement’

The Stranglers / ‘Peaches’

Peaches / ‘Diddle My Skittle’

The Clash / ‘Rock the Casbah’

Re-Flex / “The Politics of Dancing”

Bow Wow Wow / ‘I Want Candy’

Blondie / ‘Heart of Glass’

Magnet / ‘I Want to be Sedated’

Blue Movie / ‘Devil’s In the Wishing Well’ / ‘Dick Is a Killer’

Dead Kennedys / ‘I Fought the Law’

Lemonheads / ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’

Black Flag / ‘My War’

Blitz / ‘Suffragette City’

David Bowie / ‘Rebel, Rebel’

Polysics / ‘My Sharona”

Devo / ‘Girluwant’

Adam Ant / ‘Room at the Top’

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playlist for 4.11.2006 - Pause Decks

Junglebook Spins
4 to 7 4.11.2006
Pirate Cat Radio
........87.9 fm.........
San Francisco and L.A.

The Hives / 'Hate to Say I Told You So'

Jesus and Mary Chain / 'New Kinda Kick' {live}

The New York Dolls / 'Pirate Love' {live}

Ima Robot / 'Here Come the Bombs'

X / 'The New World'

Ween / 'It’s a Bong, Not a Microphone'

Camper Van Beethoven / 'Eye of Fatima' (part 1)

The Psychedelic Furs / 'How Soon Is Now?'

Poe / 'Lemon Meringue'

Sleater-Kinney / 'All Hands On the Bad One'

Tears For Fears / 'Sowing the Seeds of Love'

Sex Pistols / 'Friggin’ in the Riggin'

Le Tigre / 'Hot Topic'

Gang of Four / 'At Home He Feels Like a Tourist'

VNV Nation / 'Dark Angel'

801 / 'Baby’s On Fire' {live}

Man...or Astro-man? / 'The Sound of Waves Reversing'

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix'

B-52s / 'Roam'

Android Lust / 'Slice of Life'

Lemonheads / 'Mrs. Robinson'

The Clash / 'London Calling'

Devo / 'Beautiful World'

The Replacements / 'Waitress In the Sky'

Inca Babies / 'Ramblin’ Man'

Poop Yer Pants / 'Frisco Man'

King Crimson / 'Elephant Talk'

Nashville Pussy / 'Lazy White Boy'

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes / 'Leavin’ On a Jet Plane'

Moral Crux / 'Prelude to a Riot'

Electrocutes / 'Bikini Bottom'

Pete Shelley / 'Homo Sapien'

Billy Madison dialogue: 'Everyone Is Now Dumber'

Apoptygma Berzerk / 'sex & drugs & ebm'

Stiff Little Fingers / 'Suspect Device'

The Stranglers / 'All Day and All of the Night'

Einsturzende Neubaten / 'Stella Maris'

Surf Punks / 'Sealed With a Kiss'

Duran Duran / '911 Is a Joke'

David Bowie / '1984' {live}

Ultravox / 'Vienna'

Thompson Twins / 'Doctor! Doctor!'

Joan Jett / 'Love Is All Around' {MTM Show theme}

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark / 'Tesla Girls'

Iggy Pop / 'Passenger'

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Playlist for 04.04.06 - Bo's Decks

Junglebook Spins
04.05.06 4 to 7
Pirate Cat Radio
.......87.9 fm........

Throwing Muses / “Bright Yellow Gun”

Dead Kennedys / “Rawhide”

The Eels / “Hospital Food”

Slaughter and the Dogs / “White Light, White Heat”

Laid Back / “White Horse”

Blur / “She’s So High”

77 El Deora / “This Record Sucks”

David Bowie / “Breaking Glass” {live}

Peaches / “Set It Off” (DJ Assault remix)

The Bodysnatchers / “Rude Girls Take Over”

Morrissey (The Smiths?) / “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”

Gang of Four / “We Live As We Dream, Alone”

DEVO / “Are You Experienced”

Pretenders / “Precious”

Ultravox / “Reap the Wild Wind”

Iggy Pop / “Lust For Life”

The Kinks / “Lola” {live}

(...Fascist Update: McKinney...)

Red Meat / “Baby Beats Me the Best”

Brian Eno / “Under”

Fishbone / “Party at Ground Zero”

Sonic Youth / “Unmade Bed”

The Cramps / “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns”

Tom Waits / “Cold, Cold Ground”

Henry Rollins / “Tom Waits Story”

Black Flag / “Slip It In”

Yuppie Pricks / “Hummer in My Hummer”

La Tour / “People Are Still Having Sex”

Adam Sandler / “You Spin Me” / “Dick Is a Killer”

Tiga / “Louder Than a Bomb”

Buzzcocks / “Ever Fallen In Love”

David Bowie / “Little Wonder” {live}

Beastie Boys / “Something’s Got to Give”

Electrocutes / “Get Rid of That Girl”

Barnacle Bill of the Fugs / “If You See Kaye”

James White and the Blacks / “Town Without Pity”

Anti-Flag / “You Can Kill the Protestor, But You Can’t Kill the Protest”

Chicks On Speed featuring Peaches / “Guitar Anthem”

Brian Eno / “Kurt’s Rejoinder”

Dirty Sanchez / “Replicunt”

Ima Robot / “Dynomite”

45 Grave / “Phantoms”

Home Room / “Your Jean Jacket”

Madness / “Keep Moving”