Wednesday, January 25, 2006

january 24, 2006 - Post-Textual

......Junglebook Spins......
::::::January 24, 2006:::::::
Post-Textually Speaking
_4 to 7 PM, Pacific Time_

Anti-Nowhere League / “So What?”

TSOL / “Flowers By The Door”

Public Image, Ltd. / “The Flowers of Romance”

The Cure / “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”

XTC / “Love At First Sight” {live}

Chicks on Speed featuring Peaches / “We Don’t Play Guitar”

Alien Sex Fiend / “Can’t Stop Smoking”

Bauhaus / “She’s In Parties”

Killing Joke / “Requiem”

Rudimentary Peni / “The Horrors In the Museum”

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds / “Jack the Ripper”

David Bowie w/ Frank Black / “Scary Monsters (and Super Freaks)” {live}

Husker Du / “Diane”

The 5,6,7,8’s / “Woo Hoo”

Blur / “Girls & Boys”

The Runaways / “Black Leather”

Dramarama / “Anything, Anything”

Duran Duran / “Girls On Film”

The Young Brandos / “It’s Too Long”

(...Fascist update - Sean Hannity vs. Charles Rangel / Michael Savage: the sodomy lobby...)

Gangsters / The Special AKA

The Blasters / “Dark Night”

The Fuzztones / “Green Slime”

Gene Loves Jezebel / “Desire”

Generation X / “Kiss Me Deadly”

Human League / “The Lebanon”

New Model Army / “I Love the World”

Nouvelle Vague / “In a Manner of Speaking”

New Order / “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Belle & Sebastian / “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”

The Clash / “Train In Vain”

The Vibrators / “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

The Special AKA / “Three Minute Hero”

Seraphim Shock / “Prey”

The Smiths / “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”

Sonic Youth / “Bull in the Heather”

The Donnas / “Are You Gonna Shake It For Me?”

The Hooks / “I Turned Out a Punk”

X / “New Life”

Le Tigre / “Get Off the Internet!”

Porno for Pyros / “Satellite of Love”

We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonaa Use It! / “Love is a Slug”

Wendy O. Williams / “It’s My Life”

William Shatner with Joe Jackson / “Common People”

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs / “Art Star”

The Lashes / “Death By Mix Tape” (play stopped for sucking)
Virgin Prunes / “If I Die I Die”

Camper Van Beethoven / “Where the Hell Is Bill?”

Jeans Team / “Keine Melodien”

45 Grave / “Surf Bat”

Adam Ant / “Stand and Deliver”

The Adolescents / “The Liar”

Public Image, Ltd. / “Happy”

Alphaville / “Big In Japan”

Bratmobile / “My Cheap Trick Record”

Paul Anka / “The Love Cats”

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Playlist for January 17, 2005 - First LA-Simulcast Show!

(...early bird bonus tracks: my traditional
jungle sounds intro, mixed with chill remix of
"Moments In Love" by the Art of Noise...)

Image hosted by

(...jungle sounds intro...)

The Ramones / "California Sun"

Image hosted by

The Catheads / "Golden Gate Park"

X / "Los Angeles"

Image hosted by

Cheap Trick / "California Man"

The Dead Kennedys / "California Uber Alles"

Arlo Guthrie / "Coming Into Los Angeles"

Blur / "She's So High"

The Young Brandos / "It's Too Long"

Image hosted by

Jane's Addiction / LA Medley: "L.A.Woman - Nausea - Lexicon Devil" {live}

Peaches / "I'm the Kinda"

Image hosted by

George W. Bush vs. John Lennon / "Imagine This"

Image hosted by

The Specials / "Sock It To 'Em, J.B."

Image hosted by

X / "The Crystal Ship"

Image hosted by

The Wendy Kroys / "Bike Messenger Boy"

Image hosted by

Sonic Youth / "Superstar"

The Selecter / "On My Radio"

KISS / "Mr. Blackwell"

Laibach / "One After 909"

Heaven 17 / "We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing"

Carmaig DeForest / "Crack's No Worse Than the Fascist Threat"

(....Fascist Update; Hannity: absurd, fake "outrage" over Hillary's "inappropriate" use of the term plantation to describe the House, even though Gingrich said the same thing ten years before and the fact that it's demonstrably true....on to Michael Savage Weiner: boring reminiscences of NYC youth... )

Image hosted by

Duran Duran / "911 is a Joke"

Queens of the Stone Age / "Never Say Never"

Belle & Sebastian / "Dear Catastrophe Waitress"

Paul Anka / "Black Hole Sun"

Dead Milkmen / "Punk Rock Girl"

Public Image, Ltd. / "Flowers of Romance"

T. Rex / "Jeepster"

Sid Vicious / "My Way"

The Furies / "What Happened?"

The Pixies / "This Monkey's Gone to Heaven"

Devo / "Girluwant"

Bauhaus / "She's In Parties"

Faith No More / "We Care a Lot"

Miss Kitten / "Frank Sinatra"

Human Sexual Response / "Blow Up"

Gary Numan with Fear Factory / "Cars"

Captain Sensible / "Wot"

The Clash / "Radio Clash"

Sonic Youth / "100%"

Specials / "Ghost Town"

Bernice and Vegas de Milo / "That Asshole Bob"

The Cure / "Purple Haze"

Image hosted by

The Church / "Under the Milky Way"

The Girlfriend Experience / "Gonorrhea"

David Bowie / "DJ"

Brian Eno / "Kurt's Rejoinder"

Treat Her Right / "I Think She Likes Me"

Klaus Nomi / "You Don't Own Me"

Image hosted by

Mark Growden / "Fuck Boy"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Playlist for January 10, 2005 - 3 hour show

---Junglebook Spins, January 10, 2005:---
...three hour show, attempt@"in format"...
Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9 FM, San Francisco

(...jungle sounds intro...)

Living Colour / "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

The Smiths / "Death of a Disco Dancer"

Breaking Point / "One of a Kind"

Bikini Kill / "New Radio"

Ramones / "Journey to the Center of Your Mind"

The Reverend Horton Heat / "400 Bucks"

Christian Bale, monologue from American Psycho / "Huey Lewis is bitter"

The Epoxies / "Beat My Guest"

Black Kali Ma / "Remain Awesome"

Adam and the Ants / "Goody Two Shoes"

Joe Jackson Band / "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" {live, a capella version}

Romeo Void / "A Girl In Trouble Is a Temporary Thing" {dance mix}

Circle Jerks / "Group Sex"

Night After Night / "Come See Me"

Echo and the Bunnymen / "The Cutter"

Lou Reed / "This Magic Moment"

Violent Femmes / "Freak Magnet

Breeders / "Happiness is a Warm Gun"

Image hosted by

Rufus Wainwright / "April Fools"

The Adolescents / "Democracy"

Image hosted by

Fascist Update / Hannity: Lindsay Graham and Sean talk law. Pretend they hate "activist" judges, when Alito has been chosen precisely because he will be an activist and overturn decades of precedent - Alito is the first Supreme Court Justice I could beat up.

Mudhoney / "Pump It Up"

Public Image, Ltd. / "Four Enclosed Walls"

Specials / "Ghost Town"

The Clash / "Pressure Drop"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs / "Art Star"

David Bowie / "Breaking Glass" {live}

Image hosted by

The Buzzcocks / "Ballroom Blitz"

The Girlfriend Experience / "Gonorrhea"

We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It / "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Beastie Boys / "Something's Got to Give"

The Cat Heads / "I Would Kill For Suzy"

My Dying Bride / "Some Velvet Morning"

Bauhaus / "Spirit in the Sky"

MadBox / "Kinaesthetic Sleepdance"

Johnny Cash / "Rusty Cage"

Gang of Four / "Man in a Uniform"

Monster Island / "Burning Witches"

Das Damen / "The Wait"

John Cale / "Fear Is a Man's Best Friend"

Gravity Kills / "Godzilla"

Image hosted by

Hole / "Be a Man"

Captain Beefheart / "Ashtray Heart"

Wall of Voodoo / "Ring of Fire"

Jesus & Mary Chain / "Blues From a Gun"

The Hooks / "I Turned Out a Punk"

The Normal / "Warm Leatherette"

James Hall / "Psycho Killer"

The Sensations / "Please Mr. Disc Jockey"

Translator / "Another American Night"

Rob Zombie / "Living Dead Girl"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Playlist for January 3, 2006! Three hour show!

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Junglebook Spins!
January 3rd, 2006
3-hour shift, 4 to 7
!Pirate Cat Radio!
broadcasting 87.9

(...jungle sounds intro...)

“early bird” pre-show song:
Dread Zeppelin / "Viva Las Vegas"

(...jungle sounds intro...)

Dread Zeppelin / "Good Rockin' Tonight"

Muddy Waters / "Rock Me"

Raino / "Johnny Guitar"

KISS / "Rock Bottom" {live}

Image hosted by

Dope / "You Spin Me (like a record)" / American Psycho soundtrack

David Lee Roth / "A Little Bit of Luck"

Ringo Starr / "The No No Song"

Bjork / "It's Oh, So Quiet"

Noel Coward / "Uncle Harry's Not a Missionary Now"

Edgar Winter Group / "Free Ride"

The Young Brandos / "It's Too Long"

Eskimo / "Mothra in the Pupa Stage"

DJ Rx cutting GW Bush "Imagine This (On the Wild Side)"

Image hosted by

Jim Stafford / "My Girl Bill"

Dead Kennedys / "Too Drunk To Fuck"

Laurence Fishburne / "The Red Pill or the Blue Pill"

Tina Turner / "Goldeneye"

Night After Night / "Ride On You"

Image hosted by

STARZ / "Cherry Baby"

(...5:00 O'Clock News: Gary Glitter’s child molestation charges dropped after he pays each family $2000...)

Gary Glitter / "Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell (School Days)"

Image hosted by
Gary in Vietnam

Gary Glitter / "Suspicious Minds"

(...Fascist Update / On Hannity: Miners' Tragedy, NOT Domestic Spying...)

Triple Cobra / "Working Diamonds"

Mos Def/ "Katrina Klap"

Rich Ferguson / “I’ve Been Thinking About Self-Employment”

Stormdrain / “Cut Two”

Bessie Smith / “Take Me To The ‘Lectric Chair”

Tomorrow People / “If 60s Were 90s”

P.M.Dawn / “You Got Me Floatin’”

unknown string quartet / “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Maroon 5 / “Closer”

Travis Tritt / “Here’s a Quarter”

DJ Rx @ the “Dick is a Killer”

Blondie / “Will Anything Happen?”

Bloom / “Radioland”

Judy Garland / “Over the Rainbow”

NBC Orchestra / “Johnny’s Theme”

Cheap Trick / “Waitin For the Man - Heroin” {live}

Noam Chomsky / “Propaganda”

Liam Lynch / “My United States of Whatever”

Image hosted by

Monty Python and the Holy Grail soundtrack / “I Fart In Your General Direction”

Red Meat / “Inner Redneck”

The Cat Heads / “Golden Gate Park”

Marlene Deitrich / “Falling In Love Again”

DJ Rx at / “My Generation”

Image hosted by

Kay Kyser / “In the Fuhrer’s Face”

Dave Edmunds / “I Hear You Knockin’”

(...reading from Eschaton: The Year the President Decided He Was King...)

Image hosted by

Blue Movie / “Slum Goddess”

Image hosted by

(...reading from “The President Should Not Be a King”, Clinton impeachment-era comments from Henry Hyde)

Image hosted by

Echo and the Bunnymen / “The Cutter”

The Colds / “Goin’ Blind”

Image hosted by

77 el Deora / “This Record Sucks”

The Shut-Ins / “Dreaming”

Jingle Cats / “Auld Lang Syne”

Image hosted by

Image hosted by