Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Playlist for January 17, 2005 - First LA-Simulcast Show!

(...early bird bonus tracks: my traditional
jungle sounds intro, mixed with chill remix of
"Moments In Love" by the Art of Noise...)

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(...jungle sounds intro...)

The Ramones / "California Sun"

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The Catheads / "Golden Gate Park"

X / "Los Angeles"

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Cheap Trick / "California Man"

The Dead Kennedys / "California Uber Alles"

Arlo Guthrie / "Coming Into Los Angeles"

Blur / "She's So High"

The Young Brandos / "It's Too Long"

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Jane's Addiction / LA Medley: "L.A.Woman - Nausea - Lexicon Devil" {live}

Peaches / "I'm the Kinda"

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George W. Bush vs. John Lennon / "Imagine This"

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The Specials / "Sock It To 'Em, J.B."

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X / "The Crystal Ship"

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The Wendy Kroys / "Bike Messenger Boy"

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Sonic Youth / "Superstar"

The Selecter / "On My Radio"

KISS / "Mr. Blackwell"

Laibach / "One After 909"

Heaven 17 / "We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing"

Carmaig DeForest / "Crack's No Worse Than the Fascist Threat"

(....Fascist Update; Hannity: absurd, fake "outrage" over Hillary's "inappropriate" use of the term plantation to describe the House, even though Gingrich said the same thing ten years before and the fact that it's demonstrably true....on to Michael Savage Weiner: boring reminiscences of NYC youth... )

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Duran Duran / "911 is a Joke"

Queens of the Stone Age / "Never Say Never"

Belle & Sebastian / "Dear Catastrophe Waitress"

Paul Anka / "Black Hole Sun"

Dead Milkmen / "Punk Rock Girl"

Public Image, Ltd. / "Flowers of Romance"

T. Rex / "Jeepster"

Sid Vicious / "My Way"

The Furies / "What Happened?"

The Pixies / "This Monkey's Gone to Heaven"

Devo / "Girluwant"

Bauhaus / "She's In Parties"

Faith No More / "We Care a Lot"

Miss Kitten / "Frank Sinatra"

Human Sexual Response / "Blow Up"

Gary Numan with Fear Factory / "Cars"

Captain Sensible / "Wot"

The Clash / "Radio Clash"

Sonic Youth / "100%"

Specials / "Ghost Town"

Bernice and Vegas de Milo / "That Asshole Bob"

The Cure / "Purple Haze"

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The Church / "Under the Milky Way"

The Girlfriend Experience / "Gonorrhea"

David Bowie / "DJ"

Brian Eno / "Kurt's Rejoinder"

Treat Her Right / "I Think She Likes Me"

Klaus Nomi / "You Don't Own Me"

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Mark Growden / "Fuck Boy"

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