Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Playlist for January 3, 2006! Three hour show!

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Junglebook Spins!
January 3rd, 2006
3-hour shift, 4 to 7
!Pirate Cat Radio!
broadcasting 87.9

(...jungle sounds intro...)

“early bird” pre-show song:
Dread Zeppelin / "Viva Las Vegas"

(...jungle sounds intro...)

Dread Zeppelin / "Good Rockin' Tonight"

Muddy Waters / "Rock Me"

Raino / "Johnny Guitar"

KISS / "Rock Bottom" {live}

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Dope / "You Spin Me (like a record)" / American Psycho soundtrack

David Lee Roth / "A Little Bit of Luck"

Ringo Starr / "The No No Song"

Bjork / "It's Oh, So Quiet"

Noel Coward / "Uncle Harry's Not a Missionary Now"

Edgar Winter Group / "Free Ride"

The Young Brandos / "It's Too Long"

Eskimo / "Mothra in the Pupa Stage"

DJ Rx cutting GW Bush "Imagine This (On the Wild Side)"

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Jim Stafford / "My Girl Bill"

Dead Kennedys / "Too Drunk To Fuck"

Laurence Fishburne / "The Red Pill or the Blue Pill"

Tina Turner / "Goldeneye"

Night After Night / "Ride On You"

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STARZ / "Cherry Baby"

(...5:00 O'Clock News: Gary Glitter’s child molestation charges dropped after he pays each family $2000...)

Gary Glitter / "Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell (School Days)"

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Gary in Vietnam

Gary Glitter / "Suspicious Minds"

(...Fascist Update / On Hannity: Miners' Tragedy, NOT Domestic Spying...)

Triple Cobra / "Working Diamonds"

Mos Def/ "Katrina Klap"

Rich Ferguson / “I’ve Been Thinking About Self-Employment”

Stormdrain / “Cut Two”

Bessie Smith / “Take Me To The ‘Lectric Chair”

Tomorrow People / “If 60s Were 90s”

P.M.Dawn / “You Got Me Floatin’”

unknown string quartet / “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Maroon 5 / “Closer”

Travis Tritt / “Here’s a Quarter”

DJ Rx @ the “Dick is a Killer”

Blondie / “Will Anything Happen?”

Bloom / “Radioland”

Judy Garland / “Over the Rainbow”

NBC Orchestra / “Johnny’s Theme”

Cheap Trick / “Waitin For the Man - Heroin” {live}

Noam Chomsky / “Propaganda”

Liam Lynch / “My United States of Whatever”

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail soundtrack / “I Fart In Your General Direction”

Red Meat / “Inner Redneck”

The Cat Heads / “Golden Gate Park”

Marlene Deitrich / “Falling In Love Again”

DJ Rx at / “My Generation”

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Kay Kyser / “In the Fuhrer’s Face”

Dave Edmunds / “I Hear You Knockin’”

(...reading from Eschaton: The Year the President Decided He Was King...)

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Blue Movie / “Slum Goddess”

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(...reading from “The President Should Not Be a King”, Clinton impeachment-era comments from Henry Hyde)

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Echo and the Bunnymen / “The Cutter”

The Colds / “Goin’ Blind”

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77 el Deora / “This Record Sucks”

The Shut-Ins / “Dreaming”

Jingle Cats / “Auld Lang Syne”

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